I'm today's modern home there are several types of bathrooms. We can help make remodeling your master bathroom or half bath renovation easy! The plan is to turn your ordinary builder grade bath into the custom tile bathroom you have dreamed of having.

You may have moved in either as the original owner or had previous owners before you. In the beginning the space looked so nice and new and you probably didn't give it much thought as to needing to renovate your master bath, or guest bathroom. However, with time a home ages and matures, thus giving your bath a “dated” look. We want to help you do a bathroom makeover and add character to the plain Jane look you may have been dealing with for a while now.

If your bathroom shower pan leak has made you stop using the shower all together, you may need our assistance. Don't feel bad, the way these homes are built in today's market, they are completed so fast that they don't age well or hold up for very long. Some of the older house with small master baths are not as big as a newer home but they were built from tile and concrete which made them last. Our remodel technique incorporates a lot of the old school ways and materials. I have a proprietary shower system that does not even require a shower pan liner!

A lot of people refer to guest bath as the kid's bathroom. These usually are very similar in look to an older home's master bath. To get that big master bathroom, in the design of the floorplan, the builders have placed them above the dining room commonly in two story house. So when you have a leak from you shower, it can appear as a stain on your ceiling downstairs in the dining area.

Please call us as soon as possible, so that we can service you! We remodel any home in the Durham NC, Raleigh NC, Cary NC, and Chapel Hill NC area